Mission Statement

To provide a first class service to the utility suppliers of New Zealand.
Fibre Networks NZ Ltd will continue to offer an operation of the highest quality to all existing and future clients.

Welcome to Fibre Networks…..

We have successfully completed work in the following areas:

Trials and Pilot installation for fibre to the home

MicroNet and Ribbonet technology with air-blown fibre

In-house capacity for air-blown fibre/copper cable to customer

Plumbtec cable blowing

In house design work

Sewerage and Drainage

Power Hauling

Complete fibre turn key projects

Major voltage cable installations, including OHUG

Extensive power station work with cable up to 2200KVA

Directional Drilling

Directional Drilling to Grade

Cable laying via vibrating mole ploughs


Water reticulation


Fibre optic cable

Cable electrial



Why us?

35 Years Experience

Jack Odlum, The Founder of Fibre Networks NZ Ltd first started underground cabling back in 1983.  The business has successfully been transitioned to Mark and Jennie as a progressive second generation run company

Great Support

Management offers in-house training to further careers.