Health and Safety

“Risk” is the term used to describe the likelihood of events or actions which, if not managed correctly, may have a detrimental impact on not only a projects success but the Health and Safety of the Odlum Group Limited Team.

Most of the Health and Safety Risks identified on our projects are mitigated by the qualifications that our staff hold.  For example, Confined Space Entry, Wheels, Tracks and Rollers, Truck Mounted Crane/Hiab use, Traffic Management Implementation is all work that is completed by our in-house qualified staff.  If we feel that we are not qualified to more than competently complete the job, then we bring in expert providers.

Odlum Group Limited is committed to the protection of its employees /Subcontractors on any given project. Safety is always at the forefront of every team members mind.

We have an extensive revision of our Health and Safety Procedures. All Odlum Group Limited staff meet on Monday mornings to:

  • discuss outcomes of the week prior and to manage and plan for the week ahead
  • openly discuss any reported Incident/Accident to ensure learnings are shared and the correct/Safe Procedures are reinforced.
  • programme maintenance/mechanical/equipment needs with our Workshop Manager.
  • selected SOP’s (Safe Operating Practices) are reviewed and discussed to ensure that they are still Industry relevant and their implementation is reinforced.
  • discuss Training Requirements and Qualifications.
  • promote good work stories and proactive Safety points.

This is also an opportunity for the Management Team to discuss any staff and Health and Safety issues. Minutes for these meetings are recorded and kept on file.

Reinforcing our Health and Safety Commitment, each project runs a Pre-start Toolbox Meeting on site every day. This is completed to review the previous workday’s progress and set goals for the day, including any new Hazards or Safety concerns.

Odlum Group Limited hold Totika Certification.

Management Commitment

Ensure that safety will take precedence over short cuts, or expediency at all times.

Accurately report and record workplace incidents and injuries.

Ensure employees are aware of their responsibility to observe safe work practices, rule and instructions relating to work.

Encourage employees to take responsibility for their own safety and that of others, whilst at work.

Encourage engagement from each employee in the Health and Safety process.