Fibre to Home

Mark Odlum ran this project which started back in late 2009. We deployed the core blown cable infrastructure to about 1,200 existing homes in Manurewa. Micro-ducts were laid over 12 months in conjunction with a project to shift local power lines underground, reducing the civil costs usually involved in such projects.

The project was an opportunity for local telecommunications operator Chorus to test network deployment options for connecting existing homes.

This project saw copper cable blown down the micro-duct from the nearest network connection point to the doorstep. Once completed, each house could easily be upgraded to fibre optic cable by replacing the copper in the micro-duct through blown fibre deployment.

This was the first time Chorus installed micro-ducting in its network and a world first for blown copper deployment.

Tyco Electronics cabinet with copper being blown from the copper holding pan, through the cabinet, to the doorstep

Loading Micro Duct

Fibre Networks airblown fibre/copper truck

Tyco Cabinet base ready for passive Cabinet

Microduct Fibre/Copper Blowing Unit

Electro Fusing pulling heads onto the duct

Completed Jointing Micro Ducting

Copper cable being blown from cabinet to the doorstep.

Micro Duct being hauled into ground with directional drill

Installation of Tyco Cabinet Base

Microduct Fibre/Copper Blowing Unit